Why Our Customers Love Our Service

Greg Sprunk, President -  Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc.

Frank Fattizzi was employed by me for eight years and I was sorry to see him go. Not only is he a great IT Tech who handled everything I threw at him from server, new software and PDA integration but also was proactive in our virus scan, backup and remote office systems as well. He also handled our complete home network, wireless and home server systems. Frank is not only talented but I consider him a close friend who I trust with all aspects of my system. He has integrity and character and one of my closest advisors. Our business would not be where it is without him.

Greg Sprunk
Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc.

Jay Hall, President - Harco Metal Products, Inc.

Frank Fattizzi has handled the IT work for my company Harco Metal Products, Inc. for the past 5 years and Frank’s knowledge of current trends with operating systems, corporate security and his ability to work with the specialized industry software I require has been outstanding. His ability to understand the needs and concerns of my company and his ability to be available to keep my company’s systems running allow me to sleep at night. His skills and his services give me the confidence to build for the future and stay ahead of my industry trends.

Jay Hall
Harco Metal Products, Inc.