Professional IT Services is a computer consulting company owned and operated by Frank Fattizzi. Frank has been providing quality computer services since 2001 when he began working at Superior Cleaning Equipment as their IT Manager.

Superior Cleaning Equipments’ owner, Greg Sprunk, offered Frank the opportunity to provide computer support for some of his friends who owned businesses. As word spread, new clients were added and the business reached the point where it needed to be limited. Frank continued working with 10 businesses until 2006 when he left Superior Cleaning Equipment.

In May of 2006, Frank began working at JMI & Associates as their Systems Administrator. When hired, JMI allowed Frank to continue his computer consulting and encouraged it’s growth. Over the next 2 years Frank added a few more companies as clients, but still had to limit his hours to ensure he didn’t fall behind in his work at JMI.

In January of 2008, Frank made the decision to begin offering computer consulting services on a full time basis. With the support of JMI & Associates and Frank’s loyal clients, Professional IT Services was started. With a target market of small and medium sized businesses, Professional IT Services plans to utilize Frank’s training and years of experience to provide the best computer consulting in the Phoenix Metro area.