Maintaining a secure, fast network is an important part of your IT infrastructure. Having fast connections to your servers, secure wireless access as well as protected internet access are one of the basic needs of every organization. We can evaluate your current equipment and verify it is configured properly for best performance and security. If an upgrade is needed we will listen to the needs of your company and develop a plan to meet your requirements.

While we can work with any firewall vendor, we prefer SonicWALL firewalls. In addition to securing your internal network, these devices can filter for viruses, spyware and malware. They can filter the internet sites you staff can access to protect your users from inappropriate or time wasting sites. They can also provide secure remote access to your internal network when there are users that need access away from the office.

Optimizing the location of your wireless access points can provide reliable access to your staff as well as any guests that are in your office. Having a secure wireless with no access to your internal network is important if you provide wireless access to your guests.

Connecting everything together are the network switches. Having high quality switches with the features you need is important to providing consistently fast access to your servers and the internet. We can evaluate your current equipment and make recommendations for configurations changes or upgrades that will provide the fastest, most secure access.